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Bella Glamour ZERO ZERO

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ZERO ZERO - Crafted using the same alcohol free process as Bella Glamour, but using grapes that are harvested earlier for a naturally reduced sugar content.

Bella Glamour, Italian Fashion Drink, Alcohol Free, obtained with a special patented process, from freshly pressed grape must, not fermented, pale yellow in colour, accompanied by a fresh and fruity bouquet, it features a delicate and harmonic taste. Rich in minerals, is the perfect drink anytime, nicely refreshing, is particularly suitable for children and for all who looks for a very pleasing fashion healthy drink. Mixed, is the perfect base for several no alcohol quality cocktails, specially for a young and modern No Alcohol Spritz.

Alcohol: 0.0% at every stage

Sugar: 65 gr/lt

Acidity: 5.8 gr/lt

Naturally carbonated

Serving temperature 5 - 6 degrees C